WHMCS Addons

Extend WHMCS Functionality

CleanPDF Desktop


CleanPDF for WHMCS addon has a clean and professional design along with advanced features for the demanding users that mean business. Includes RTL and Envelope Window support with multiple backend options for logo, color and font customization..

Cmsbased Alerts

Flattern was designed with a core focus on customization and integration. Open layout allows to add extra header, footer and sidebars. This is the main reason for this template to be parent of the Cmsbased WordPress integrated templates. Includes WHMCS addon to extend template functionality.

Cmsbased Alerts Desktop
QSL Desktop

Quick Server Logins

Minimize support requests regarding control panel and webmail access by placing the list of active servers with single click login buttons on client area home page. Works with all default WHMCS servers that support login buttons and can be extended to support other 3rd party servers.

Intercom Integration

You do not need to be a developer to get started with WHMCS and Intercom integration. WHMCS will provide live data on your users, ensuring your support and sales team has the right information. Use option panel to pass custom attributes like client status and group, income, sum of unpaid invoices and more.

Cmsbased Alerts Desktop