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How to change logo in Hexa?

To edit the logo, you can open header.tpl and find the following line:
<a href="index.php"><span class="logo"><span aria-hidden="true" class="icon icon-map"></span> HEXA</span></a>

Please note that there are 2 instances of this logo code. One for minimal pages like signin, sign out, password reset and regular pages. 

Background image can be controlled via WHMCS.CSS file.
For example if you place "whmcs-bg.jpg" image in "img" folder in same folder as css file. 
body{font-family:'Open Sans', sans-serif;background: #6ed7fe url(img/whmcs-bg.jpg) no-repeat top center;}

To better organize the code, 2.x HEXA for WHMCS has a separate file for minimal pages. /modules/addons/hexa_extras/templates/header-minimal.tpl. Logo can be adjusted in this header for minimal pages.


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